Sula Graham

Sula is advising CCA in the area of representative content creation and distribution as well as online learning and course creation. She will provide careful guidance and feedback as CCA creates courses and network content to help ensure an equitable learning experience for all.

Throughout her career Sula has served as a teacher, senior leader and leadership management consultant in the United Kingdom and South Korea.

Today, she works as a leadership and management consultant with WorkSpa, a UK-based workplace wellness firm.

Her expertise in crafting learning and development opportunities, as well as facilitating culture and diversity training will be particularly important to informing CCA’s curricula.

Wendy McArthur

Wendy will be advising CCA in the area of curriculum development. Her career has been committed to improving the academic culture and experiences for all students. This has paved the way for continuous improvement in curriculum, student-centered instruction, and program development.

Over the years she’s developed academic and co-curricular activities with an innovative lens for promoting student engagement. She believes that CCA’s novel approach to adult learning will do just that for professionals who are looking to take the next step in their careers.

Sue Sadler

Sue Sadler advises CCA in the area of workforce development. She helps identify and connect curriculum developers with opportunities and markets that have specific upskilling needs.

Sue provides critical insight into both new and established industry learning needs and corresponding funding sources. Throughout her career, she has taken an innovative approach to designing and implementing programs that align the skill-set of jobseekers with the needs of employers. In doing so, she has specialized in successfully integrating internationally trained professionals and other marginalized populations into the Canadian labour market, working closely with industry experts, sector councils, and colleges and universities to establish ‘Sector-Specific’ and ‘Talent Pipeline’ employment programs.

Dr. Joseph Smith

Joseph will be advising CCA across several domains including representative content creation and distribution, bridging programs for professionally trained immigrants as well as online learning and networks.

As co-founder of Generation Chosen, educator and notable speaker, Dr. Smith brings deep experience in delivering programming for newly landed immigrants here in the City of Toronto. His guidance will be integral to CCA as we aim to tackle gaps that exist within current bridging programs—especially the struggle newcomers have with forming professional networks.

Dr. Wallace Ting

Wallace will be advising CCA in the area of online learning and networks, specifically in research and methodology for on-demand course creation, delivery, evaluation, program monitoring and future curriculum development.

Wallace brings deep experience in formal education, he is also the founder of SchoolRubric—an online resource and publication for educators and schools all around the world.

Online learning challenges and opportunities were well on the rise before the massive acceleration brought on by the pandemic, Dr. Ting believes CCA is well positioned to meet this demand. He is eager to help guide our course and content strategies for a 100% digital experience.

Shannon Valliant

Shannon will be advising CCA in financial, operational and regulatory matters. She brings more than three decades of extensive, progressive, and diverse experience from start-ups to multinationals across multiple industries.

Shannon will be invaluable to CCA’s initial strategic planning and budgeting. We are looking forward to soaking up her knowledge and expertise in finance while benefiting from her people first approach.