Dalhousie Alum Pilot Program

We’re looking for DAL grads who:

✅ Work in small to medium sized tech companies

✅ Have been working remote more often (or completely) thanks to the pandemic

✅ Are looking for ways to keep their business and people skills sharp

We’ve built a new online learning company called Clear Crossing Academy. As an early stage startup, we need feedback from potential customers. Our first major program has launched and we want to give DAL alumni free access for a limited time to help us improve the content and experience.

What you’ll get for participating

💸 Free access to all our paid programs for at least one month

💸 A generous discount on the regular annual subscription price if you feel the content is useful

What we’ll ask from you

📧 Possibly a few emails and back ‘n’ forth so we can get you set up

📞 A video call meeting to discuss feedback on our Program and how learning & development works in your company

If you’re interested in helping us out, create a free account here and get in touch with Jordy Fujiwara (CRMBA grad, 2011).