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Trouble logging In

If you are having trouble logging in, please ensure a couple of things: (1) You are using the correct URL: ours is (2) You are using the correct email address associated with your account when you first signed up for Clear Crossing Academy.
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Set up a password

In some cases, you may not have set up a password when you first joined your Mighty Network. This happens when you originally signed up using Facebook or LinkedIn.
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Browser support

Clear Crossing Academy supports these desktop browser versions (or higher): Chrome 45, Firefox 40, IE10, Safari 8. For mobile access, please use the app.
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Update billing information

First, click on your profile picture and then "Your Purchases." From this menu you'll be able to see all of the purchases you have active on CCA. Click on an item in "Upcoming charges"
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Leaving CCA

You can choose to leave Clear Crossing Academy by going to your Profile Image > Personal Settings > Account > Deactivate My Account. On the mobile app, the last step is labelled Leave This Network.
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Cancel a subscription

To manage the purchases and subscriptions you've made, go to the "Your Purchases" menu on your profile. (Click or tap your profile picture.)
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Leave a Group or Course

You may no longer wish to be part of a particular Group or Course. If the issue is receiving too many notifications, before you leave, try adjusting your notification settings first.
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Manage notifications

You have full control over the notifications you receive Clear Crossing Academy. You can receive email notifications, mobile notifications, both email and mobile notifications, or you can turn notification off altogether.
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How CCA is organized

Almost everything you'll find in Clear Crossing Academy should look and feel similar to most other social media feeds. Posts, articles and comments are made by users, and they'll appear in a feed for you to browse on your computer or smartphone.
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