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If you need to block communication with another member, there are many ways to do it.

Block from within private chat

  1. Open the chat feature: upper righthand side on desktop, lower left on mobile app
  2. Find the member you wish to block in your chat list. You can also search for them
  3. When the chat with the member is open, click or tap the three dot menu icon in the upper left—you will see a block option

Visual guide (desktop)

Search for a member and block

  1. Navigate to the Network Level (outside of all Groups or Courses).
  2. Type the member’s name into the search tool at the top of the screen (on the mobile app, first tap the magnifying glass icon in the upper right).
  3. On desktop, you can refine the search by clicking on Members in the box below the search bar.
  4. Find the member you wish to block.
  5. Click on their profile
  6. Once the profile is loaded, find the three dot menu, click it.
  7. Select More
  8. Choose the Block option

Visual guide (desktop)

Block from profile

There are many ways to access a member profile, such as clicking on their picture next to one of their comments. Once you’re on a member’s profile, follow steps 6 through 8 in the section above.

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