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Almost everything you’ll find in Clear Crossing Academy should look and feel similar to most other social media feeds. Posts, articles and comments are made by users, and they’ll appear in a feed for you to browse on your computer or smartphone.

These feeds can be filtered and sorted to help you hone in on something in particular. There is also a search feature.

For a quick explanations and visual guides on Finding Stuff in CCA, click here.

Groups, Courses and Topics

Most of CCA’s content is organized into either a Group or a Course.

There is also the Main Network level: the place you’ll see if you’re not inside any Group or Course. The Main Network is a like a Super Group, which contains all Members.

You can tell if you’re in a Group or Course by looking near the top of your screen. You’ll see the main CCA logo plus the logo of the Group or Course.

The URLs are also different. For Groups or Courses, the URL will be something like:

The Main Network will not have the word “courses” or “groups” after the .com.


Screenshot of CCA topics

Each Group or Course can have many Topics.

The Main Network also has Topics.

Topics help categorize content—they are like tags that organize posts, questions, polls or articles.

If there are Topics in a Group or Course, you’ll see a Topics item on the lefthand menu or menu tray (if on the mobile app). Some Discovery or Featured sections may also display select Topics.

Selecting a Topic shows you content from that Topic only.

You can only access a Group or Course’s Topic from that Group or Course.

Groups vs Courses

Today, there isn’t much difference between a Group and a Course. What sets them apart is this: Courses have a special section for course material. This is so instructors can present learning material in a way that doesn’t get mixed up with all the ongoing discussion.

Each Group, Course and Topic can have different settings. For example, you may not be able to post in some Groups or tag certain Topics. One Course may call its ‘course material’ area a Syllabus while another calls it a Knowledge Library.

So if you find certain features sometimes do work or don’t work, it is likely because some of the settings are different between the various Groups or Courses you’re in.

Free, Premium, Private and Secret Groups (or Courses)

Groups and Courses also differ based on how you can access them.

  • Free: these are public, and anyone with a free CCA membership may join.
  • Premium: these either carry a recurring subscription fee or one-time payment to access. Some may also have a free trial.
  • Private: you must ask permission to join these Groups or Course, or be invited. These may be Free or Premium as well.
  • Secret: you can only see these and join them if you’re invited.
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