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You have full control over the notifications you receive Clear Crossing Academy. You can receive email notifications, mobile notifications, both email and mobile notifications, or you can turn notification off altogether.

By default, notifications are turned on and you’ll receive activity that’s relevant to you—such as when someone sends you a message, replies to your comment, or cheers your contribution.

However, the volume of pings and emails may be a bit much for some, so here’s how to tone ’em down.

How to Adjust Your Notifications

When you’re on the web, you can adjust the notifications you receive by clicking on your profile photo (in the upper right hand corner) and selecting Your Settings > Notifications.

In the mobile app, you can adjust your settings by going to Your Profile > Personal Settings > Notifications.

Or, click here when logged into desktop.

Choose Email Frequency

If you prefer to only get one email every day with a roundup of all your notifications, you can select to receive a daily digest.

The daily digest email will be sent to you at the end of the day with a collection of your notifications. Otherwise, you can select to get notifications as activity happens.


Select the Types of Notifications You Receive

Once you’ve selected the how you want to be notified, you can toggle which types of notifications you want to receive.


You can choose to receive an email or push notification when:

  • A member messages you directly
  • Someone @ mentions you in a post or comment
  • There is a new comment on your post
  • There are notifications related to an event you are attending
  • There is a new comment on a post on which you also commented
  • There is a cheer on your post
  • There is a new post from your one your Network Hosts
  • There are new posts from people you follow
  • A question was asked that you can help answer
  • Activities occur that are relevant to you

You can adjust your notifications from the mobile app or on the web and they’ll be updated everywhere.

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