3. Finding stuff in CCA

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🔎 Finding stuff in CCA

We have a lot of content, with more appearing every week.

This content is in all sorts of places, across Groups, Courses and the Main Network.

It can be easy to get lost if you don’t have a good sense of where everything is, or how to sort and filter. This guide is designed to help with that.

💾 Your saved posts

The most straightforward way to find content is to personally save posts when you want to keep them for later.

Each piece of content has a three-dot menu located on it. On mobile, it’s the lower left. On desktop, lower right. Open that menu and click or tap “save.” The content will be added to your personal saved content area. Access it by clicking or tapping your profile picture and find the Saved Posts option. Here’s a quick link (only works if signed in).

Visual guide (desktop)

🗂 Groups and Courses

Most of our content is exclusive to particular Groups or Courses.

Some of these Groups or Courses are free to access, others are paid, and some are private or even secret.

The lefthand menu is where you can access a list of Groups and Courses. By default, the list will show you everything. To narrow it down, you should use the sort and filter functions. These are located above the list on desktop and mobile:

  • Filter by Your Courses or Groups
  • Filter by Top Courses or Groups
  • Filter by Newest Courses or Groups
  • Filter by Groups Near You

Visual guide (desktop)

🔬 Filter and sort the feeds

The feeds are the main streams of content you see in CCA: they’re the big lists of content in the middle of the screen. They are very similar to what you’d see on Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter.

Each area in CCA has a different activity feed.

  • The Main Network level shows you everything from all your Topics, Groups, and Courses.
  • Inside a Group or Course, the feed only shows you stuff related to that Group, or Course
  • Topics further filter things. Topics will only show you stuff tagged with that Topic, and Topics can be different throughout Groups and Courses

On top of all this, once you’re in a feed, you can apply a variety of sorts and filters to narrow it down. On desktop, these tools appear above the feed. On mobile, tap the funnel icon on the upper righthand side when you’re ready to filter or sort.

Filters (you can have more than one of these active at a time):

  • DEFAULT: Personal feed (stuff you’re following or a part of)
  • Everything
  • Your Activity (things you’ve interacted with or posted)
  • From Your Hosts
  • Near You (works only if you have supplied location information)
  • Content type (Quick post, polls, articles, events)

To any level of filtering, you can sort by:

  • DEFAULT: Last activity (forum style—’bumped’ posts rise to the top when people comment or cheer)
  • Date Created (reverse chronological: newest posts first)
  • Popular Now (algorithm tries to show you the most relevant stuff)
  • Nearest You (works only if you have supplied location information)

Visual guide (desktop)

⭐ Readability tip (desktop)

There is a list view available for desktop. It collapses content into a smaller space that some members may prefer.

To activate it, find the small button near the filter and sort controls:

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