1. How CCA works

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🔒 A private social media network for learning

Once you sign up, you’ll have access to a platform that feels a lot like other social spaces. You’ll see:

  • a News feed
  • Groups and Courses you can join
  • Member list
  • Notifications
  • Message center

But since we’re private and focused on professional development, you’ll find no ads, random posts, blatant self promotion, etc.

You set your own pace and investment level for learning. Every week, we’re posting and organizing fresh educational content in three areas: Leadership, Culture and Storytelling. We also practice professional development routines. You can access some of this stuff with a free forever account. For a much richer experience, we offer affordable subscription accounts.

We discuss this in more detail in the next onboarding article.

📱 Mobile access

CCA is 100% mobile friendly. Almost all desktop features can be found through the app if you prefer to use your phone.

Download the Mighty Networks app and search for Clear Crossing Academy. Available on iOS and Android.

▶ Suggested first steps

Here are three things that we suggest you do first:

1. Fill out your profile, including the introduction

Once you’re logged in, visit this link to edit you profile. You can do all the usual stuff, like add a picture and your name.

The Introduction section of your profile automatically creates a new post, with the header “Why I’m here.”

Here’s an example of how it looks:

2. Adjust notifications

Once logged in, follow this link to adjust what emails and mobile push notifications that you receive from CCA. We try to keep the pings to a minimum, but the default settings can be a wee aggressive 😅

Or, learn more about notifications here.

3. Answer the icebreaker question

You should be able to find an icebreaker question when you first log in. It’s a simple, low pressure question to help get you comfy with posting in the network.

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