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What we teach

🏗 Professional development

At the highest level, CCA is about building your career in the way you want it to develop. Professional development means becoming a better employer, colleague or employee. It means more upward mobility and opportunity to grow within an organization, or within an industry, or with a new venture.

It means finding productive balance between work, life, spirituality and social responsibility—whatever that mix may be for you.

🧱 Routine building

More important than raw knowledge or high quality output is this: consistency. Above all else, the successful people in the world have winning habits.

Building a professional development routine—along with accountability tactics—is one of CCA’s guiding principles.

🔝 Leadership

No matter your title or position, leadership is much more a quality of character than a designation. In order to inspire, guide and grow your team, you must understand emotional intelligence, empathy and the psychology of peer-to-peer interactions.

🎭 Culture

Many organizations claim they have it, but does anyone know how to actually create it? A strong workplace culture acts more like the weather than a collection of planned group exercises. Both top-down and bottom-up pressure can affect culture. Our job is to show you how and when to use your power to influence it.

🎙 Storytelling

Humans have used stories to shape society well before any modern inventions, and we continue to do so today. Too often believed to be locked away in the creative and entertainment worlds, storytelling is critical tool for any professional seeking to change attitudes and behaviours, including their own.

How we teach it

🔒 A private social learning network

Most of our learning content is delivered inside of private social network.

It looks and feels like most other social media feeds, minus the ads and noise.

This method of online learning has exploded in popularity in recent years. Many online schools, classes, coaches and instructors use communities like Facebook or LinkedIn Groups to bring their students and advocates together for a rich, co-creative experience. Clear Crossing Academy provides an uncluttered place for you to focus on professional growth and progression.

Within the boarder network, there are focused groups and courses that you may join based on the tiers below.

3️⃣ Three tiers

We offer a range of access to our material, depending on your needs.

Free forever material

A significant portion of what we teach, especially in routine building, is available publicly for free.

A CCA account is also free, and will give you limited access to the private social learning network. You can take advantage of select events, discussions and insights related to all of our teaching topics.

Paid subscriptions: premium material

For a recurring fee, we offer access to our Dynamic Courses in Leadership, Culture and Storytelling. These places offer much more focused and rich material for these subjects, along with a constantly growing and evolving Knowledge Library for each topic. On a regular basis, we produce:

  • micro-courses
  • round ups of relevant literature
  • in depth articles
  • focused discussion
  • exercise & reflection prompts

Video courses: free & paid

Video courses are more immersive deep dives into specific topics related to our topics. They are closed-captioned and can take anywhere from an hour to several days to complete.

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